CPP Disability, Disability Benefits Canada, Canadian Benefit Union

Blue Ocean Financial Strategies is a Canadian based business focused on educating and helping Canadian’s with disability to receive their maximum government benefits. We believe that every individual has great potential and having a disability is no exception. Blue Ocean Financial Strategies core value is to provide opportunity for individuals to realize their potential.

The majority of Canadians that are eligible for these disability benefits are unaware, or lack the knowledge required in completing these processes efficiently to obtain these government benefits. Our job at Blue Ocean Financial Strategies is to educate and help provide a clear and concise understanding about the importance of these government programs.

Blue Ocean Financial Strategies is focused on building a culture that is centered on confidence and complete comfort for our clients. We believe in helping our clients by providing them with valuable knowledge about the government benefits and consulting with our clients to meet any of their service needs.

We help Canadians receive their disability entitlements by employing a strong comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the disability programs which provide efficiency and fluidly of the whole process. As a result, we prevent any additional hardship and stress that one with a disability has to further endure.

Our expertise and commitment to our client’s comfort is the foundation on which we have built our organization. The goal is simple – help our clients get the money that they are rightfully entitled to and in the easiest way possible.