Canada disability tax credit, Canadian Benefit Union

Disability Tax Credit

Child disability tax credit, Canadian Benefit Union

The Canadian Benefit Union specializes in Disability Tax Credit (DTC) services. The Disability Tax Credit is a service that the Canadian Benefit Union offers to help alleviate financial burdens for those with physical or mental disabilities. By providing each client with a personal consultation, we are able to help navigate and assist the client in properly preparing and completing the necessary medical documents. Our services provide the highest probability of a successful application.

In addition, the proper tax implications will be applied to the current year, and retroactive years in order to maximize our clients’ Disability Tax Credit. With this benefit our clients are able to use this financial aid in a manner that is best suited for their needs.

The Disability Tax Credit is awarded to individuals with prolonged and severe mental or physical impairment. By “prolonged”, the impairment has lasted on a continous basis of over 12 months.

The disability must fall in at least one of the following categories: vision, hearing, speaking, feeding, walking, dressing, elimination, or performing mental functions. The degree and type of disability has to be approved by the Canada Revenue Agency and certified by qualified practitioner: physiotherapist, medical doctor, speech pathologiest, audiologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or optometrist.

“It was incredible the financial benefits the CBU got back for me!” – Sam. H

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